Post Cat Show

Today was a dream come true for us. Earl has long dreamed of combining his passion for cats with his photography career and The Poinsettia City Club made that possible at their show today in Glendale.

It was an unforgettable experience and we are grateful for the fabulous owners who allowed us to tease and pose their fabulous felines. The highlight of the show for us was the opportunity to give back to the cat rescue community by providing photography that we hope will help find some precious kitties forever homes.

We’ve now experienced a cat show as photographer, stocked up on a new collection of cat toys and teasers, and donated to cats in need. Mission Accomplished!

Now that the cat show has ended another part of our work begins.

Next, we’ll be sorting images and sending links to images out by email to participants throughout this week as quickly as we get the images prepared.

The big announcement coming – Earl’s Most Photogenic Cat of Show (recipient of a free 8×10) will be displayed on this site Tuesday!

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